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Analyze the game as never before with state of the art, 
AI driven performance insights.  

We use machine learning with camera tracking that works with any broadcast feed to give you the most objective understanding the game by adding crucial context to traditional event data.

api image

api image

Enhanced data feed

For data analysts looking to add contextual insights into their existing workflow we provide an API with the following insights:

  • Number of passing options at the time of each pass
  • Line-breaking passes & forward passing options
  • Shots & passes under pressure 
  • Relief passes & receptions

Reports & insights

Our recurring reports produce invaluable understanding into players, teams and matches. By adding contextual insights to event data, we give clubs an edge in recruitment, match preparation and team analysis.

Reports provided include:

  • Player and team comparisons
  • Scouting shortlists
  • Reverse scouting
  • Team analysis

Line Breaking Passes Report for Spurs

Line Breaking Passes Report for Spurs

Mohamed Salah Player Profile in PiTCH

Mohamed Salah Player Profile in PiTCH


Our web platform brings traditional and contextual metrics in one place. With this, we can present data and insights on matches, players, and teams. PiTCH connects clubs with granular visual examples linked to video clips. This acts as a great time-saver and allowing clips to be automatically filtered.

We recognize that every club works differently. As a result, PiTCH allows seamless exporting of data and integration  with industry-leading performance analysis solutions.


Our data-analysts are experts in their fields and passionate about soccer. They answer complex questions and help you reach your end goal in a precise and accurate way.

By combining their deep knowledge of soccer data with contextual game models, our team delivers bespoke reports and tailored services to help your club win more matches and reach new heights.

sportlogiq by eva blue 138

sportlogiq by eva blue 138

Kicking it up a notch - Updates to PiTCH

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