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Sportlogiq’s reporting system provides in-depth analysis that focuses on both team and player level performance. AI-driven insights gathered from our proprietary datasets provide unique information on underlying team performance, trends, and systems.

Winnipeg Jets Goal Celebration

Winnipeg Jets Goal Celebration

Data feed

For teams looking to add contextual insights into their existing workflow we can provide an API with the following insights:

  • Speed/Distance data
  • In-house custom metrics
  • Face-off data and insights expressed in the language of the game
  • Player level impact information

Reports & insights 

Hockey reports produce an unparalleled analysis of players, teams, and matches. In adding contextual insights to event data, we give clubs an edge in recruitment, game planning, and general team analysis.

Insights include:

  • Full reports on every player in the league
  • Side by side player comparisons & similar player suggestions
  • Reports written with the understanding of the industry’s top hockey-data minds

Patrice Bergeron Even Strength Win Directions

Patrice Bergeron Even Strength Win Directions

Bruins Shot Opportunity Chart iCE

Bruins Shot Opportunity Chart iCE


Our hockey pro tool, iCE, presents data and insights on matches, players and teams. This event data is linked to a video player that allows for complete playlist customization.

Users can also compare players and teams, view data visualizations for added context and much more. Data can also be exported to allow a seamless integration into a team's existing tools.


Our hockey data-analysts are among the top hockey-data minds in the world. Their decades of experience in hockey-data are at your disposal. They can and will find data driven methods to help you reach your goals. Not only do they understand the map that can direct you to success; they created the map itself.  We have helped teams improve.

In combining their deep knowledge of hockey data with contextual game models, they can deliver essential information (including team and player scouting) in a well rounded package. This, coupled with an ability to explain the data using the language of hockey; will move your team closer to more wins, and more success.

Columbus Blue Jackets Goal Celebration

Columbus Blue Jackets Goal Celebration

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