Reading the field

We empower analysts and coaching staff alike to make insights-driven scouting and game preparation decisions. We offer our advanced insights to Football teams looking for data to improve their personnel and game decisions.

Optical Tracking Football Scenario NCAA

Optical Tracking Football Scenario NCAA

Full optical tracking

Combining machine learning with camera tracking on broadcast feeds allow us to provide crucial context to football data. We are able to pinpoint events, and offer data that is essential to scouts, and coaching staffs.

Data offered includes:

  • QB passing distribution map
  • QB efficiency under pressure
  • Receiver separation created and YAC
  • Blocking efficiency and space created
  • In-game top speed and burst scores

Reports & insights

Our reports create a deeper understanding of opposing teams, players and games. 

By adding contextual insights to event data, we can give teams an edge in scouting and recruitment. These insights are also invaluable in film sessions, and play by play analysis.

Reports and insights include: 

  • Wide Receiver Separation Report
  • Quarterback Distribution and Decision Making Report
  • Formation Recognition (by scheme or by personnel)
  • Rushing Point of Attack Report
  • In-Game Speed Comparison Report

Football Reilly Target Selection Hamilton-CFL

Football Reilly Target Selection Hamilton-CFL

TJ Graham Buffalo Bills Touchdown Celebration

TJ Graham Buffalo Bills Touchdown Celebration


Our football data-analysts will help answer questions, and find data-driven methods to help you reach your end goals.

Fuelled by football data, we deliver concise reports and case studies with contextual game models. This allows us to present step-by-step recommendations to help your team reach the next level.   

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