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Sportlogiq uses computer vision and machine learning to produce data and insights. These are valuable to teams, leagues, media organizations, betting operators, and rights holders of all sizes.

Unique data with unlimited integration

We use a variety of techniques to analyze sports data, allowing our analysts to discover unique insights and approach them in brand new ways. We understand that our clients access data in different ways so we make our raw data and insights available to them in the following formats:

IPad Pro PiTCH example

IPad Pro PiTCH example

Detailed live data

  • Multiple leagues and competitions
  • Delivered easily via API
  • Power broadcast graphics or use for odds modelling and sportsbook management
  • Unique insights driven by contextual data combined with event data

Powering analysis & scouting

  • Our cutting-edge data analysis tool for soccer and hockey
  • Used for performance analysis, opposition scouting or recruitment
  • Features Sportlogiq's unique contextual data

iCE Expected Goal Differential - Montreal Canadiens

iCE Expected Goal Differential - Montreal Canadiens

Team USA Attacking Formation Graphic

Team USA Attacking Formation Graphic

Helping teams win

Our analysts find data-driven methods to help you reach your end goals. 

In combining their deep knowledge of data with contextual game models, they can deliver essential information in a clear and concise package. This, coupled with step-by-step recommendations will move your team up the standings. 

“Now that we have access to Sportlogiq’s insights, it’s hard to imagine not having access to that information anymore. They helped us get to another level.”

– Josh Flynn, Director of Hockey Administration, Columbus Blue Jackets

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